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Caregiver Personal Info

My name is Crystal Gordon and I am master prepared nurse who specializes in gerontology. I have extensive years of nursing experience both in community and hospital settings working with people with diverse needs. My expertise and experience span a variety of areas including but not limited to: orthopedic rehabilitation, gerontology, telemedicine, nurse education and clinical manager in the community. 

 As a Telemedicine nurse, I provide comprehensive Geriatric Health Assessment, needs assessment, resource planning and developed Care Plans.  I work virtually with an interdisciplinary team to coordinate patient’s care, and connect patients to social resources. I care for patients who often have complex health needs.  I educate patients on treatment plans and applied Motivational Interviewing skills to elicit positive behavioral change that support wellness and compliance.  

 As a Clinical Nurse Educator, I coach nurses to use Best Practice Guidelines when delivering care. As a nurse manager, I am responsible for managing seventy nursing staff.  I liaison between Home and Community, patients and nurses.  I conduct home visits to ensure that patients’ care meet organization standards.  

My years of experience and skills have led me to adopt the Person-Centered Model of Care.  The spirit of this model respects the dignity, expertise and self-identified needs of the clients I care for. Working closely with clients and their loved ones helps guarantee Visible Hands of Care is meeting the unique needs of all those who join our program. 


Program Info

Visible Hands of Care (VHOC) Respite Day program is a grass root organization whose main focus is to provide Person-Centered care. Adult day care centers offers family a dual solution. VHOC helps caregivers in-need of respite from caregiving responsibilities as well provide seniors opportunities to socialize and have reliable nursing care. 

The objective of VHOC is to provide our clients a safe-supportive environment that promotes wellbeing, and improve quality of life. 


Our adult day respite center is always here for you.